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Battery Boosters

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Sold by Nehmeh

  • Mobile and handy aid for start-ups and as a portable source of energy – 2 versions available: for cars (12V) and for trucks (12V and 24V) – also good for boats and camping.
  • Contains modern 100% gas-proof-sealed battery cells (AGM) with high energy density and 1st-class manufacturing (European quality product) with long life-time can be used in all positions.
  • Highly flexible long cables (180cm/170cm) offer best access to the vehicle‘s battery.
  • Shock-proof, easy maintenance ABS-housing with practical storage for the cables.
  • Including an automatic charger and equipped with a cable for use on a car’s cigarette-lighter socket in order to recharge while driving and to recharge the vehicle‘s battery vice versa.
  • With 5 LED-indicator showing the charging state and with socket (cigarette lighter type).
  • Protecting against voltage peaks and preserves memorized data in car computers and radios etc.
  • Also under extreme temperature conditions (-40°C up to +45°C) our boosters deliver reliable energy i.e. for starting up an engine.
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