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Milling Machines

Milling Machines

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The milling machine is very easy to use. Adjusting screws can all be accessed from the front side of the head. The milling cycle is obtained by gripping the two levers on the sides of the head and copying the contour of the previously adjusted template. This machine can process single male work pieces, single female work pieces as well as combined male-female work pieces. The spindle is fitted with an eccentric milling cutter with only one cutting side. Therefore, after the sharpening procedure, the outer diameter can be adjusted by simply rotating the milling cutter towards the + symbol. This adjustment allows operators to sharpen the tool several times before replacing it. With this operation it is also possible to adjust the joint’s coupling depending on height. The spindle’s motor can be provided in the three phase or single-phase version, so that it can be used not only for industrial purposes. The high number of revolutions of the tool’s motor guarantees a perfect machining of solid wood.

It is a full manual machine composed of a milling head that uses a pin to copy a template with four different joint pitches: 25-40-50-60mm. The joint pitch, i.e. the male size, can be changed manually by loosening the two fastening screws of the template and rotating until the desired size reading appears on the lower side. Work pieces are locked manually by means of two eccentric shafts that are controlled by handles, and so the machine does not need any compressed air.

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  • Brand : Omec
  • Place of Origin : Italy
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