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Pipe End Bevel Protector Caps

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Price : INR 125

A bevel end protector Bevel Protector Pipe Caps for protecting the bevel end of a pipe includes an expansible portion inserted into the pipe. The protector is provided with a portion that can be expanded outwardly to secure the protector within the pipe by application of a force thereto using a removable cooperating element.

Pipe end bevel protector caps protect the pipes from damage caused by other materials such as sand, mud, and water. The bevel-end protector caps are made of durable plastic material. They are also easy to install and ideal for cleaning. All epoxy end caps have a 2-1/2″ diameter centre hole that is approximately 1/8″ smaller than the pipe size.

Protectors for pipe ends

The outer diameter of a pipe is fitted with these LDPE OD Fitting Caps. Standard sizes to suit ANSI 36.10 specifications are commonly used, but larger sizes can be made to order as well. Caps can also be made of vinyl, aluminum, FRP, and plywood.

These caps fit onto the inner diameter of pipes to prevent foreign objects from entering. They are available in sizes ranging from 1″ to 60″ and are made from vinyl, rubber, or aluminum.

It is designed to match the pipe’s material of construction and is made of either epoxy coated carbon steel or stainless steel. In addition to standard sizes of 4″ to 120″, end protectors are available in clamping, interlocking, and fastening designs. They are reusable and very durable.
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