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Stainless Steel 316 Slip On Flanges

Stainless Steel 316 Slip On Flanges

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Slip-on flanges are designed to slide over the outside diameter of the pipe to which it will be welded as Slip-on flanges
are easy to use in fabricated. These flanges are attached to the pipe
by fillet welding at the hub and at the end of the pipe inside the
flange. These high quality Slip on Flanges are the right choice
for lower pressure applications such as Oil Industry, Gas Industry,
Filtration Industry, Refrigeration Industry, Refining Industry,
Petrochemical Industry, Offshore Industry etc.

The flange is
slipped over the pipe and then welded both inside and outside to provide
sufficient Strength and prevent leakage. This flange is used in
preference to weld necks by many users because of its lower cost and the
fact that less accuracy is required when cutting pipe to length.

calculated strength under internal pressure is approximately two-thirds
that of welding neck flanges, and their life under fatigue is about
one-third that of the latter. For these reasons, slip-on flanges are
limited to sizes ½" to 2 ½" in the 1500 lb standard and are not shown in
the 2500lb standard.

Material Used

  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
  • Steel
  • Alloy Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Monel
  • Carbon steel



  • One size fits all pipe schedules.
  • Fabricators can more easily cut pipe to length for slip-on flanges.
  • The smaller thickness of this flange allows for easier alignment of bolting holes.
  • They are generally not preferred for high pressure temperature environments.



  • Low cost installation
  • Less time needed to spent on ensuring the accuracy of the cut pipe
  • They are somewhat easier to align
  • The slip-on flanges have low hub because the pipe slips into the flange before welding
  • The flange is welded both inside and outside to provide sufficient strength
  • They prevent leakage


Quality Standard for Slip On Flanges

High quality Slip On Flanges all made and controlled to the relevant standards such as: ASME, ASTM, BS and DIN/WERKSTOFFE.

Sizes for Slip On Flanges

All Slip On Flanges are available in sizes from 1/4” through to any size.

Dimensions and Pressure Ratings for Slip On Flanges:

- ANSI, MSS- SP-44, BS3293, API 605 150lb through to 2500lb
- Flange Facings: Raised Face, Ring Type Joint, Large Tongue & Groove, Small Tongue & Groove
- BS4504 - PN6, 10, 16, 25, 64
- BS10 - Table D, E, F, & H
- DIN Standards

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